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What Kind of Jobs Should You Give Your VA

Hiring a Virtual assistant can help reduce your workload and shave a few precious hours from your work week. But having a helper and using your skills in the right way are two different things. Knowing what tasks you can assign to improve efficiency and productivity can be a challenge, especially if you are in the early stages of starting your own business.

The role of the visible assistant is similar to that of the secretary or assistant manager, who performs many administrative tasks. The big difference is that most virtual assistants do their homework and that most of them can be self-employed or contract workers. Online job search websites have a huge list of virtual assistants with various management skills.

With a growing number of a virtual assistant, their skills and expertise have become very important factors in choosing the right employee who can help your business grow. Business owners, managers, and entrepreneurs can use a virtual assistant with the ability to perform a variety of tasks. Virtual assistant jobs vary in a set of his or her skills, expertise, and qualifications. However, there are basic responsibilities that an experienced assistant should have.

Calendar Management

Keeping your plan organized may sound easy, but you will continue to get more responsibilities as your business grows. Moving things to your calendar and rescheduling appointments - all of which while making sure you don't miss a deadline - can be a challenge. A virtual assistant can take care of your calendar, even send you notifications before a meeting or when you need to complete important tasks.

Email Management

Email has a way of spending all our time - and yet we can still forget to reply to urgent messages. Your assistant can clear your inbox: remove the spam, notify you of instant messages and save some messages that can wait until later. Your VA may also respond to your other emails.


It is common for new business owners to do a lot of research. You may need to find out what your competitors are doing and other important information about the market, learn more about potential customers and investors, and search for new opportunities.

If you have done any research online, you will know how easily the hours go by, especially if you are not sure where to look or if you are still distracted. A virtual assistant with knowledge of the research will know where to go to get the information you need and will focus on the work being done.

The advantage of offering these services is that you can get a standard assistant at a lower cost. This means you will free up your schedule by deleting some of your activities that affect only a small investment. If work is wasting your time, it makes no sense to move it.

Data Analysis

Data can be very useful at first but if you know how to use it. From website and social media analysis to raw data such as information on business cards, the VA can convert data into logical report or data.

Project Management

Whether you have a virtual staff team or are working with another business, you need someone to manage the project. When there are a lot of moving parts, you may need to constantly monitor progress, communicate with team members, set dates for each new activity, and make sure everyone meets their goals. It would be better to send all of this to a virtual assistant who is experienced in project management than to try to handle it yourself.

Financial Services

All the numbers entrepreneurs need to deal with are enough to give anyone a headache. Virtual assistants can keep your accounts up to date. The handling responsibilities may include invoicing, cost management, payment and other bookkeeping services.

Social Media

In order to gain greater awareness and stay connected with customers, you need to work on social media. The problem is that content creation, commenting, and strategic planning all take a lot of time. You can take advantage of social media without taking the time to go to another service by providing some (or even all) of your social media-related activities to a virtual assistant.

Data Entry

One of the most difficult tasks in business is to maintain a company database, whether it is updating existing contact details or adding a large number of new customer data. This particular task can be accomplished by an experienced virtual assistant without any problem. Just be clear about what needs to be done. And to minimize mistakes, you should also make sure that your assistant has done this type of work before. That’s where experience can really pay off.

Online job sourcing websites have tens of thousands of postings for virtual assistant jobs each year. That is how murky the VA pool is. Finding the right virtual assistant for your organization takes time and patience. You need to be certain that the person you hire has the capability and the skills to meet your needs.


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