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Grant Writing Services

The edge your business or organization needs to submit and win more grants. 

Services Start at $115 P/G

STOP, Going in Blind: Grant writing is a specialized skill. Attempting to write a grant without understanding the specific requirements, guidelines, and expectations of the funding organization can lead to wasted time and missed opportunities.

STOP, Feeling Overwhelmed: The process of writing a grant can seem daunting, with a lot of information to gather and strict guidelines to follow. It's important not to let this overwhelm you and prevent you from taking the steps needed to secure funding.

STOP, Neglecting Your Core Tasks: Writing a grant can be a time-consuming process. Don't let it take you away from your primary role in your organization. Remember, your main focus should be running and growing your business or nonprofit.

STOP, Making Assumptions: Each grantor is different, with unique priorities and criteria. Assumptions about what the grantor is looking for can lead to a proposal that misses the mark. Always research and tailor your proposal to the specific grantor.

STOP, Risking Rejection Due to Errors: Mistakes in a grant proposal, such as missing information, lack of clarity, or failure to follow the guidelines, can lead to rejection. Ensure your proposal is error-free and aligns with the grantor's requirements.

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At 808 Talent Source, our Virtual Assistants are your strategic partner for unlocking your organization's potential. We are more than a talent agency, we're your allies in success, offering key services that drive growth.

One such key service is our Grant Writing and Reporting Compliance support. We recognize that obtaining funding is a vital yet often challenging aspect for small businesses and nonprofits. To assist you, we've trained a dedicated team of Virtual Assistants to provide expert grant-writing services.

We believe that every organization has the right to access the billions of dollars in grant funding that is awarded every year, and we are committed to providing affordable, high-quality grant writing services that make this possible. 


Here at 808 Talent Source, we are committed to:

  • Accessibility: We believe every organization deserves access to the billions of dollars awarded in grant funding each year. That's why we've developed a high-quality, affordable grant writing service.

  • Transparency: Our services are straightforward, with no hidden fees or extra charges. Our rates are about 75% less than hiring a full-time grant writer, reflecting our commitment to supporting organizations like yours. 

  • Research: We take the hard work out of finding the right grants. Each month, we'll provide you with a list of available grants. You select the ones you wish to apply for and we handle the rest.

  • Quality: Our team will manage the application process, delivering well-researched and compelling proposals to increase your chances of securing funding.

  • Specialization: We currently focus on foundation and corporate grants. However, we are always broadening our services to serve our clients better.


Once subscribed, Our Team will provide you with the following:

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Research & Prepare

When you subscribe to our service, we'll start by setting up an onboarding call. We want to learn all about your organization so that we can effectively help you secure funding. We'll use online databases to research grant opportunities that align with your needs. Then, we'll create a custom grant calendar so you always know when new funding opportunities are opening up. By taking the time to get to know your business or nonprofit, we can ensure that you have the best chance of securing the funding you need.

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Grant Writing & Submission

At our company, we take the guesswork out of applying for grants. Our team of experts has decades of experience and knows what it takes to draft a high-quality proposal that will get results. We also stay up-to-date on all the latest industry standards, so you can be confident your application is polished and professional. Best of all, we tailor each and every application to the specific grant-maker's expectations. This increases your chances of success and ensures you make the best possible use of your time and resources. 

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Competitive Edge

When it comes to writing winning grant proposals, our subscription has you covered. With over 20 years of experience and millions of dollars in awarded grants, our team knows what it takes to get your proposal noticed - and funded. We'll help you target the right funders who are interested in supporting your mission, and ensure that your submission is timely and on-message. Best of all, our service is a fraction of the cost of hiring a consultant or full-time grant writer.


We offer a range of pricing options to suit different budgets:

  • Grants under $2,500: $115.00 

  • Grants $2,501 to $25,000: $260.00 

  • Grants $25,001 - $50,000: $320.00

  • Grants $50,001 to $250,000: $470.00


Join us at 808 Talent Source and unlock the funding potential for your business or organization today.



“Working with 808 Talent Source was a game-changer for our nonprofit. Their team took the time to understand our mission, which shone through in the compelling grant proposals they wrote for us. Their service is truly top-notch - we secured two major grants within months. I can't recommend them enough!"

- Sarah, Nonprofit Director

“As a small business owner, finding the time to research and apply for grants was nearly impossible. 808 Talent Source made the process seamless. Their professionalism and dedication to our success led to us securing our first major grant. The affordability and quality of their services are unmatched!”


- Mike, Small Business Owner

“I was amazed at the dedication and expertise of the team at 808 Talent Source. They transformed our grant application process, turning a typically stressful endeavor into a straightforward, manageable task. We've now secured funding that was previously out of reach - all thanks to their exceptional work.”

- Janet, Nonprofit Founder

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