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Benefits of Having a VA in Your Business

Let’s talk about the benefits of a virtual assistant and why you need one for your blog or online business.

As bloggers, we tend to wear a lot of hats. All that rushing, struggling, and aggressive can be very difficult. And sometimes, it can take us away from the most important work we need to do on our blogs: the job of making money!

All right.

If you want to make money with your blog, you need to focus on monetizing things. And guess what?

There are many blogging activities on your list that are not financially viable.

If we can transfer one (or more) of those tasks to the other competent ones, then it will make our life and work much easier!

In the online world of business and blogging, those 'other' talents' are often referred to as virtual assistants.

Below are the Benefits of having a VA for your business

Let’s start at the beginning and make sure we understand what a real helper is.

Virtual assistants are professionals working remotely. VA's usually work from home, performing the duties of an administrative assistant or secretary. For example, they may arrange appointments, make calls, arrange travel arrangements, manage email, perform social tasks (such as sending thank you notes to customers), or perform data entry.

Some virtual assistants can have some additional tasks depending on their specific skill sets. For example, a virtual assistant can do bookkeeping, do online research, or make presentations using raw data.

Now, what else is the benefit of having a VA in your business?

As we work to grow and scale our blogging business with our audience, it becomes more and more difficult to manage all of our core business.

A skilled virtual assistant can do the job you need, and they can help you complete important tasks that you do not have time for.

Some of the most important tasks an assistant can help you with are:

  • Respond to email

  • Facebook group management

  • Support/membership fees

  • Posting social media content

  • Optimizing blog posts or photos

  • Making Pinterest pin images

  • Editing blog posts or pins

  • Data entry

  • Appointment of appointments

  • SEO

  • Web scraping

  • Research

  • Copywriting

  • Cold Calling/Messaging

  • Create platforms for your business

  • Photo editing

  • Lead Generation

  • And so much more!

Another great benefit of hiring a virtual assistant: CREATING TIME FOR MONEY ACTIVITIES

The more time we spend on administrator jobs, the less time we spend actually creating good content and earning money on our blogs.

One of the great benefits of a virtual assistant is the extra time you will have because of their helpful hands!

If you feel like working long hours and you feel burned out, maybe it’s time to hire help.

Just make sure you keep a schedule and use the time you have just gained wisely.

They say two heads are better than one, and this is especially true if you have a good VA.

Another great advantage of hiring a virtual assistant: they give you more time to focus on monetizing activities, allowing you to make more money.

When you make more money, you can invest more in your virtual assistant (and your business as a whole).

This also gives you MORE time to grow your business.

This may sound a little cheesy, but when you think about it, most of us have started blogging because we wanted to work for ourselves and have the freedom of time.

After that, we started our own blogs and worked like dogs, and found that we usually had free time than when we worked for an employer!

The virtual assistant removes that great entrepreneurial work from your shoulders.

Yes, this allows you to focus on the things that make money, the things that matter. But it also allows you to take your time and develop, not only your business but also your life.

Do you need more time to focus on your health and well-being? Do you need more time to entertain your children or help them with school projects?

When we talk about the benefits of a VA, we are really talking about how their services benefit you and your whole life. And giving a gift of time is a powerful gift.

A virtual assistant will help you with tasks. They will help you save time so that you can focus on the important things in your blogging business. But the end goal is always growing and measuring.


Fill out your business profile now to Set up a Free Phone Consultation with our Client Representative, and let's get you settled with your own Virtual Assistant!


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