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Dedicated Virtual Assistant Support for Social Impact Business

Social Impact Businesses often struggle to find the balance between providing a world-class experience for their customers and running an efficient office. You can focus more time creating great experiences with a Social Impact Business Virtual Assistants (SIBVA) at your side while still getting everything done at record speed!

Most small to mid-size social impact businesses don’t need traditional administrative staff. Still, you require superb professional support from experienced professionals who understand what it takes to run any successful company efficiently without hiring full-time employees, which is costly, so why not outsource using Virtual Assistant Services. Get the help you need without the hassle!

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What is a Virtual Social Impact Business Assistant?

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A skilled and highly trained Professional Administrative Assistant who works virtually - may be in another country or state. They understand the dynamics needed to run your business effectively to achieve sustainability and excels at getting those tasks done efficiently and effectively to help save time and money. This person can work for you on contract permanently or temporarily, full-time, or part-time, and it’s your choice.

Here are a few of the services that a Social Impact Business Virtual Assistant can accomplish:

•    Administrative Assistance
•    Document Production
•    Spreadsheets
•    Reporting
•    Custom services 
•    Presentations

•    Database/CRM Management
•    Scheduling/Calendar Management
•    Internet Research
•    Online Event Support
•    Email Support

$599/month plus a one-time $99 setup fee
No Contract! Cancel Anytime!

What a Social Impact Businesses Virtual Assistant can do for You:

  1.  Save 90% of your operating cost per year, compared to hiring a full-time employee

  2.  Save money to spend more on creating impact

  3.  Focus on efforts to advance your cause

  4.  Dedicate your time to making a difference 

  5.  Utilize your volunteers in areas that are directly related to impact

$599/month plus a one-time $99 setup fee 
No Contract! Cancel Anytime!

Co-working in a Bright Office

How It Works:

At 808 Talent Source, we are committed to client satisfaction, so we have developed a system to keep everyone in the know and on track. This process is in business days.

Step 1 - Click the "Buy Now" button and make payment.

Step 2 - Complete Your Client VA Needs Assessment
Here you will give us your wish list of tasks you would like to outsource. Please give it a lot of thought.

Step 3 – Assessing Your List

Our team members will assess your list to start the SIBVA curation process.


Step 4 - Get Prepared to Recieve Your Client 

Start putting together the list of tasks you want them to start on and set up your VA's company email access and your LastPass.


Step 5 - Get Matched | Initiating Program
We’ll match you with one of our SIBVA and set up a Zoom meeting so you can get to know each other. We will work with you through the onboarding process to make sure you understand how to manage and maximize your SIBVA.

Step 6 - Start Delegating
Start giving your SIBVA work to do on behalf of your organization. All new Clients start on the 1st workday of the new month after payment.

$599/month plus a one-time $99 setup fee
No Contract! Cancel Anytime!

Money Matters:


  • No employee-related paperwork or taxes

  • No office space expenses

  • Support on an as-needed basis

  • SIVAs use their own equipment

Total Cost Annually:  $7,188.00

No Contract! Cancel Anytime!


  • Payroll taxes

  • Retirement

  • Office space and equipment expenses

  • Paid sick leaves

  • Healthcare costs 

  • Overtime pay

Total Cost Annually: $54,080

$599/month plus a one-time $99 setup fee 
No Contract! Cancel Anytime!

Money Matters:

No hidden fees. What you see is what you pay, starting at $599/month plus a one-time $99 setup fee for up to 8 hours of work per week.

  • Dedicated Virtual Assistant

  • Dedicated Account Manager

  • Backup Virtual Assistant

  • Flexible Work Hours

  • Quick Setup

$599/month plus a one-time $99 setup fee
No Contract! Cancel Anytime!

Social Impact Business Virtual Assistant Packages

$599/month plus a one-time $99 setup fee
No Contract! Cancel Anytime!

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