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Apps and Softwares that Your Virtual Assistant Can Use To be More Efficient and Productive

There is a lot of internet innovation that makes the company productive, saves time and money. Because of this internet innovation, the demand for virtual assistants became popular with business owners. These help owners to reduce costs by hiring work from home employees by investing in virtual assistant software programs to streamline processes.

Virtual assistant services can be a game-changer in your business. You can free up your time and focus on your top priorities. Virtual assistants work as independent contractors that offer services similar to in-office secretaries. They do administrative assistants and clerical staff.

They are working from a home office that is equipped with a computer, printer, and high-speed internet access. They are required to have software depending on their industry, this software provides services that manage a business.

Below would be a listing of software programs virtual assistants used to help business owners with task automation. This article will help you decide which software programs are the best fit to invest within your business.

Time Tracking

Time tracking software will help you to time track and have an accurate payroll while having employees who live in different areas of the globe and at different times. It will shoes how many hours your virtual assistant is working and how they spend their time working. Investing in time tracking software will help your accountant to accurately pay salaries for your employees. It is very useful and accurate rather than asking your employees to send in a time card and trusting them if it is accurate or not.

  • Time Doctor - used for time tracking and checking every employee's productivity management. This will also boost employee productivity. Using time doctor you can analyze your employee's productivity with accurate reports, you can also check it using your android app. You can view what application and website your employee or virtual assistant visited while working. Monitor if your Vas is having a break and how long they spent on breaks. Track time your virtual assistant in specific tasks or projects.

Business Apps & File Sharing/Storage
  • Google Workspace - previously known as G Suite. It has been one of the most widely used business apps in employment. Using google workspace you can Easily email and chat, schedule meetings through the calendar, Store files in the cloud, Co-edit spreadsheets from any device, create and share documents with your virtual team, make presentations, launch videos meetings, Create an intranet for your company.

  • Dropbox Business - it is used for file-sharing, you can create and share documents, videos, photos, and slides all through the cloud. It meets the needs of larger companies, they can make use of it by sharing, editing, and storing files.

  • Huddle - it is used by large company or business that has several virtual assistants for file sharing and works also as a project content management tool. It also offers seamless file sharing. It is convenient apps for content creation, task management, approvals, and virtual team communication.

Social Media

There are lots of software programs that can be used by a virtual assistant in managing social media. Some software programs are as follows:

  • Buffer - brings all of your social media profiles into one convenient location, plans where multiple people can manage your business account, see the same data in the same location

  • MeetEdgar - builds a library of every update a user uploads to help you share them over time. It gives every update multiple chances to find an audience.

  • DrumUp - It helps content marketing and professionals to discover new content and trends for their business or brand. It is suitable for a virtual assistant who handles social media marketing, content marketing, and news tracking app.

  • Post Planner - this app will help you to discover content.

  • ContentStudio - This social media marketing tool automates social media scheduling and publishing. It has features for planning, scheduling, posting, content discovery, and more.

  • Hootsuite - It offers advanced team collaboration features, scheduling tools for different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

  • Facebook Native Scheduler - It can be used in Facebook business pages or groups for scheduling social media posts to go out anytime in the future. It is a marketing strategy to post consistently and stay on the top.

Calendar and Schedule Management
  • World Time Buddy -when a managing employee from remote work it is a useful app virtual to schedule meetings at appropriate times. One of the best features of it is convenient to world clock, time converter, and online meeting scheduler

  • Float - helps you keep track and live updates of who’s working on what and when.

  • Calendly - This online tool you can set different meeting types, helps you create available time slots, allow people to choose a meeting time from a link, and see all your past and upcoming meetings.

  • - it is designed for service industries. It is a tool for the employee who accepts bookings, collects client feedback, sends appointment reminders via email and SMS. It also allows you to accept payments for bookings through PayPal.

  • Setmore - it is suitable for industries like consulting, tour booking, and real estate.

Online Meeting Software

This meeting software allows every virtual assistant in your company around the world meets at the same time.

  • ezTalks Cloud Meeting - a versatile enterprise-class video conferencing that allows up to a maximum of 100 participants for free. You can schedule meetings, cross-platform chat, screen sharing, and interactive whiteboard.

  • Join. me - video conferencing tool to schedule online meetings with multiple people. You can either call each other through the software or set up a conference call and you can share the screen with all the participants.

  • Dialpad UberConference - It has easy screen sharing, free call recording, international calling, analytics, and more.

  • Skype - is popular that is why most people have skype. It also offers PowerPoint collaboration, screen sharing, and video conferencing capabilities.

  • Brosix Instant Messenger - an enterprise IM program, it can send and receive files, share your screen, hold one-on-one meetings, use a remote desktop all-in-one program, etc.

  • Zoom - a video conferencing tool that connects users to people anywhere around the world in real-time. You can record video and audio calls to view later and host unlimited meetings.

  • GoToMeeting - It has video conferencing, conference calling, and screen sharing.


It is essential to have accounting and bookkeeping in every business and startup business. Here are some bookkeeping tools:

  • Kashoo - it can automate bookkeeping tasks for small business owners. It categorizes and reconciles expenses with bank and credit card transactions, provides accurate, complete, and real-time reports in one click, and categorizes and reconciles expenses with bank and credit card transactions.

  • Freshbooks - offers accounting and time-tracking.

  • QuickBooks - one of the most popular accounting software. It has features of

  • Wave - track income and expenses, create and send invoices automatically. You can also accept credit card payments using wave.

  • Xero - it features is invoicing clients and track the backend financials of your business. You can use it to pay bills, reconcile bank transactions, send invoices, and accept payments.

Project Management

It will help you track your deadlines and streamline various project-related workflows. Below would be the must-have project management tools:

  • Asana - you can share projects, It has a task comment section, helps you organize teams, projects, and tasks and keeps you updated on progress.

  • Basecamp - project management helps you break down your work into smaller projects. It has a built-in group chat to communicate with your team members.C. Trello- tool for planning tasks and projects, creating projects, requirements, you can track and ensure that your work goes according to plan.

Communication And Collaboration

Messaging apps can make communication a lot easier and efficient. Below are some of messaging apps:

  • Microsoft Teams - enable them to chat, conduct audio and video calls, and schedule meetings.

  • Slack - It has a set topic that allows your team to have an organized way to communicate. Some other features of slack like direct messages, audio/video calls, and file sharing.

  • Flock- this feature can communicate better to build a culture of transparency and enhance team productivity. It has exchange messages, shares files, conducts video calls, manages tasks, and centralizes access to various business tools and services.

  • Chanty – another team communication and collaboration platform and searches your entire chat history.

Graphic Design

Graphics are visual modes of communication that can create outstanding digital content and make your websites and social media posts.

  • Canva - it can create beautiful images, graphics, and social media posts. It has a lot of templates you can choose and edit the way you want.

  • PicMonkey - photo editing and design for creating images with in-built effects, graphics, templates, and more

  • Pixabay - it has images and videos to use for free without asking for permission or giving credit to the artist.

Document Signing
  • DocuSign - designed to sign documents electronically and this free version has no limit on the number of documents you can sign.

  • HelloSign by Dropbox - the easiest way to send, receive, and manage signatures for any type of business. It is also a user-friendly signing experience.

  • EverSign - eSignature that can automate both internal and client-facing signatures.


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