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There are many social media platforms today, so how do you know which one to use? Here's a list of some of the most popular ones and ideas for educating your customers.

1) Instagram:

The first way is by using Instagram! This has been called the "most powerful platform" by Buffer Company because 70% of Instagram users follow brands. People want to see what products their favorite celebrities or companies have purchased and prefer to shop online rather than in-store for this reason. You can also contact people through DMs they have sent if they already have an account with you. Plus, Instagram stories let you share interesting information about your company with all of your followers at once! If you sell watches, you can feature some in your stories.

2) Facebook:

People are on Facebook to catch up with friends, but businesses use it for information about what's happening in the community or world. You can answer questions about products and educate customers by writing a blog post every Friday to be featured throughout the week! It will keep people coming back and talking about who you are. Another way is to create polls and ask questions so that people see how you think and what specifications they may want in a product. No matter how old someone is, they probably have a Facebook account, which means they know how to use it properly!

3) Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest:

The next 4 social media platforms work similar to Instagram, but they are more targeted. For example, if you're selling watches, it would be better to post on YouTube than Instagram since YouTube has videos about watches already. LinkedIn is good for helping your business appear professional and making connections with your industry or other brands. Pinterest is best used when you have really beautiful pictures! Finally, TikTok lets users make their own videos instead of viewing others like the previous platforms.

4) Twitter:

Twitter can be used in 2 different ways. One way is by creating up-to-date tweets that answer frequently asked questions about products or services you provide. Another way is through live-tweeting during special events at your company! This will get people talking about what's happening in real-time, which can build your brand. However, make sure you are good at socializing before attempting this.

5) YouTube:

You can create a playlist and upload as many videos as you want. This is a great platform to embed specific videos about products or other things people should know about your business! Some ideas include creating tutorials on how to use and maintain products and explaining the benefits of using certain services, so customers understand the value they provide. You can also do data research for videos that tell them what's trending within your industry and show it through visuals.

6) Pinterest:

Pinterest lets users "pin" different images related to their interests, making it easy to find information quickly. There aren't as many users as other platforms, but if you have beautiful pictures of your products and services, you can get more views on this site. However, it is harder to search for your brand since people will have to go through hundreds of pins before finding yours. Be sure to include a call-to-action so people visit your website or the contact page!

7) TikTok:

TikTok users create quick videos that last from 15 seconds up to one minute. It's the younger generation's favorite platform and has opened doors for new businesses as well as increased sales. The best way to use TikTok is by creating contests that get users engaged with the comments section rather than just scrolling through posts by themselves. You can also feature what's trending your business on TikTok if you want to stay up-to-date with the latest trends.

8) Shoppable Instagram:

Shoppable Instagram is a relatively new feature that allows users to buy products directly from your company's account without leaving their app! For example, if you're selling watches and someone wants to purchase one of them, they can go on to stories and click "shop now," which will take them straight to where they can purchase it. This makes shopping easier for the customer and saves time looking around at other brands that may have similar things.

Plus, Instagram stories let you share interesting information about your company with all of your followers at once! If you sell watches, you can feature some in your stories. When users see your story, they can tap on it, which will take them to where they can purchase the same watch. This is a convenient way for people to find out more about products without having to leave Instagram!

Each of these platforms provides a way for you to educate current and potential customers about your products. Whether it's with photo galleries, contests, or video tutorials, people will be able to learn more about your brand as well as have fun doing so!

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